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О питомнике

Cattery "Caprice" exists since 1996. It has been breeding Don Sphynx since 2001. Cats that were born over the years were the result of a planned breeding based inbreeding. The work has been associated with the appearance of excellent representatives of the breed and the cats that didn't have characteristics up to the highest standard. Those that were not up to the best standard I immediately eliminated from the breeding program and replaced with the new cats that tried to pick up strictly on the basis of genetics.

Currently, I am glad to communicate with the first breeding male of my kennel bright and outstanding representative of the breed Sphynx - Caprice's Ixion, in his time, he received high response experts and closed the title CAGCIB Moscow World Cat Show.
Each of his appearances at exhibitions brought him victory and deserved the attention of experts and experienced breeders. Especially pleasing is high ratings of domestic experts, initially engaged in this breed.
Caprice's Ixion has secured genotype and gives stable-pedigree offspring in a modern style with a short head and a massive body with many wrinkles. Most of the kittens sold initially to the families are not for the purpose of breeding, but in most cases sold kittens are parts of new families and win prizes at exhibitions and has been going on show and breeding career. His offspring are the winners of exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Ixion passed his genetics to his grandchildren!
The nursery has several breeding cats a wide variety of colors - Bi-Color, tortie, tabby, van, harlequin, black, white turtle and red. That's why my cattery has kittens in variety of colors, and you can buy them with the shipping to your country.
At present time in the breeding program of my cattery take part 3 cats -Caprice`s Klim DSX n 01), Caprice`s Filoret Lux (DSX d 02) and Caprice Gavrila (DSX n) . All breeding males were demonstrated at numerous international shows and cats were participants and winners of Best in Show, receiving over and over again their well-deserved titles.
The cattery periodically receives cats with new breeding lines (I buy these animals through careful selection based on their phenotypic and genetic data).
Work of my cattery is based on a scientific basis. We are using a careful selection of specific breeding pairs on the basis of inbreeding, and this stabilized breed characteristics. At the moment I managed to fix breed characteristics by mating siblings and half-siblings; work in the cattery is ending in result of various colors. We are proud to provide very rare colors. Kittens of various colors are being sold to breeders in different parts of Europe and the United States, Russia and Ukraine. They are used for further breeding work in a variety of well-known catteries.
You can buy them and or book a certain color or a certain kitten that you liked.
My kittens have right pedigree data in a modified type of cattery Caprice.

Confirmation of the undoubted success of me as a breeder is an approval obtained by domestic and international experts.But still my wish is that my kittens have always been loved and well taken care of in their new families. I wish that this will be only like that and glad to communicate with the new owners. Always like to communicate with the fans and admirers of this wonderful breed.
Best regards.